Disease of Forgetting Everything| Dementia |Mental Disorder

Introduction of the disease called Dementia [Mental Disorder]:

The average lifespan of the human being is increasing day by day in the World. For this, the figure or number of older people is also growing rapidly. As a result of this, the figure of Dementia or Mental Disorder patient is growing high. It is because this kind of disease is commonly developed in the age of 60 to 65 years.

A small survey of Dementia or Mental Disorder:

Survey reveals that Dementia is affecting one person or individual per three seconds. The rate is highly alarming to us. You may think why it is alarming? The answer is simple because we will also have to face the age if we stay alive. Now a question will arise in your mind what kind of disease this is. Here is a brief description of Dementia. Let’s have a look.
Disease of Forgetting Everything| Dementia |Mental Disorder
Disease of Forgetting Everything| Dementia |Mental Disorder

What is Dementia or Mental Disorder?

Dementia is a kind of disease the patient suffering from it forgets everything about his or her day to day works but can recall the past incidents vividly. 
Type of Dementia [Mental Disorder]:
Basically, Dementia is of four kinds:
1.   Alzymer Dementia.
2.   Vascular Dementia (Shortage and lack of blood circulation in the nervous system of our body).
3.   Liu Body Dementia.
4.   Fronto Temporal Dementia.

Alteration of Our Brain:

Alzymer affects the human brain by dropping the capacity of containing information in our brain. The Hippocampus in temporal lobe withers gradually and the patient’s brain squeezed. For this, the patients lose his or her memory, the ability of thinking and also making a decision of his or her own. Sometimes the patient even forgets what he or she told a few minutes ago.
Who or What is responsible for Dementia or Memory Loss?
Most probably the Acetylcholine and some others complicated compound in Human Brain are responsible for Dementia. Those compound decrease to its normal level and causes the Memory Loss. But it is still unknown to the medical scientists why the cells of our nervous system destroyed gradually.

 Who is more at risk of this disease?

1.   The person beyond the age of 60 to 65 years can be the victim of Dementia or Memory Loss.
2.   Experiments revealed that some Genes are related to cause Alzymer. So, a person having Alzymer background can be the victim of such disease i.e Memory Loss.
3.   The person who gradually loses his or her ability to think about something and which he or she could not feel before and this kind of feelings do not have an effect in real life may have the possibility of developing Dementia.
4.   The patient with cardiovascular disease can be the victim of Dementia or Memory Loss.
5.   The patient of High Blood Sugar and High Blood Pressure may have the chance of growing such disease.
6.   A person having the habits or taking any other tobacco component can also be the victim of Dementia.
7.   A fat person and a person who has faced repeated coup in its head may have a huge chance of developing Dementia or Memory Loss.

Diagnose of Dementia or Memory Loss:

It is really amazing to hear that living in the modern world there is no such specific test by which the doctor can diagnose the Dementia or Memory Loss. The doctor or expert of this field just diagnosed the disease after hearing the family history of the patient. This is because there is a huge chance of developing Dementia if any person of the patient family already suffered from this disease before.

The test which can help the doctor a little:

Now a day the doctor or the expert advises the patient to do the following test which may be a little beneficial for the doctor to diagnose the Dementia. But you these tests are not fully reliable.
1.   Vitamin B12.
2.   TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone).
4.   City Scan.
5.   MRI Scan.

Sign of Dementia or Memory Loss:

This disease goes under various phase. The main symptoms are as follows-
1.   Lack of finishing daily works. Sometimes the patient gets late for finishing its day to day work.
2.   The patient fails to remember the monetary or financial calculation.
3.   Forget to call up the present incidents. But the past occurrences can be easily and vividly recalled. Thinking this the patient becomes indifference to everything.
4.    Loses the things the patient uses in its everyday life.
5.   Forget to take medicines regularly.
6.   In the middle of the disease, the patient becomes confused about time and date.
7.   Forget to remember the name of his or her family members, relatives, and even his or her bosom friend.
Instead of the above-mentioned symptoms, the patients suffering from Dementia may have the following symptoms. These symptoms are observed while the disease developed to its middle position.
1.   The patient forgets even his or her own name.
2.    Leaves house without any cause. Sometimes it happens at night.
3.   The patient becomes indifferent to his or her own cleanliness.
4.   The patient always feels that everybody wants his or her ruin or harm. And for this, the patients with Dementia always try to keep themselves away from everyone.
5.   The patient becomes excited in a small and ignorable matter which a normal person can ignore easily.
In the extreme point of Dementia or Mental Disorder, the has to go under the under the following situations-
1.   The individual suffering from this disease fails to recognize everything. The patient forgets even his father, mother, son, daughter and other near and dear ones.
2.   The patient forgets to have a bath and take a meal. The sufferer also fails to recall whether he or she did the so. They go here and there without any work like a vagabond.
Not only these two matters but at that time there emerge the below-mentioned symptoms of a Dementia or Mental Disorders’ patients.
1.   Various infections or contamination.
2.   Fever. (Not normal)
3.   Various pain or ache.
4.   Constipation.
5.   Lack of nourishment.
6.   Dehydration is also seen at that time.

Treatment of Dementia or Mental Disorder:

It is a regretful fact to all of us that there is no such treatment or medicines that can fully cure the disease. This is tragic for the patients of Mental Disorder. But the followings suggestion can decrease the condition of such patients.
1.   Sympathy, fellow feelings, and kindness.
2.   Profuse artificial or real love.


Nursing with patients can improve the Alzymer patient’s condition better. So, be careful about your nursing. Your nursing and love can help your patient to come back to real life.
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